Deadlift 4 Cancer Rules


Deadlift 4 Cancer Rules and More Information 

Rules (...we try to keep them to a minimum)

How's this going to work?

THREE options to get involved:

(1) LIVE events (in-person in Saskatoon, Humboldt, North Battleford)

(2) ON-LINE Event (anywhere in the world)

(3) DONATION ONLY (no lifting, donation only)

Donate Now!

(1) LIVE events

Saskatoon (Synergy Strength - 1222 Quebec Ave) - October 19th @ 5 pm

Humboldt (Synergy Humboldt - 524 9th St. E) - October 20th @ 530 pm

North Battleford (CrossFit North Battleford) .- October 30th @ 530 pm

Winnipeg (Brickhouse Gym - 104 King Edward St.) - November 1st @ 7 pm

Regina (Foundation Fitness - 637 Soloman Cres, Unit 300) - November 2nd @ 11 am

-With registration you will get 2 (two) deadlift attempts on the platform (zombies and all!)

-You can take additional attempts for $10/attempt (take as many as you like!)

-Your 1st attempt (in pounds and rounded to the nearest 5 lbs) is required with registration (don't worry... if you need to, you can change it at the event up to 3 minutes before lifting begins)

-Additional attempts may be submitted at the event at any 5 lbs interval

(2) ON-LINE Event

-Here’s an option if you can't join us in person

-To compete online: (1) Register for $35 (2) Post your deadlift video on Facebook or Instagram between October 19 - 31st @ 7 pm CST (3) Use the hashtag #Deadlift4Cancer

-On-line participants are entered to win our on-line only prizes (there's pretty sweet!)

-Take as many attempts as you like, post as many videos as you like!

Who can participate?

-Anyone!  There are no restrictions.  This is a family fun event. We’ve had both the young and old lifting weights.

What should I bring?

-Equipment - Use whatever you like!  Straps, suit, belt, nothing at all - Doesn't matter to us.  The bar on the platform will be a standard IPF 20 kg barbell (not a deadlift bar [and no you may not bring your own]) and all weights in pounds.

-Costumes are encouraged! 

-Bring extra cash -you can take extra attempts for $10/attempt

When should I arrive?

- Come with enough time to warm up your lift

-After lifting wraps up you're welcome to stay for drinks (cash bar available) and halloween treats

-Weigh in ...there is no weigh-in (lol!) and no weight classes

Where does all the money fundraised go?

-All proceeds go to the Surviv(her) Cancer Foundation

-Surviv(her)'s focus is to support women battling cancer through supporting research to improve detection, treatment, and ultimately - survival